Welcome to Wynfrid House. Your home in London.



It does not matter what you believe to fall in love with us. Our friendly and quiet guest house in the middle of London's bustling east end is open to everyone.

Mostly visited by Germans, Wynfrid House has become known all over the world and is a home in London to people from almost every country, mostly the US and UK but also Australia, France and Italy. Since traveling became less easy for our German peers, we have even more capacity to welcome guests from the UK and around the globe.

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You want to visit London for a few days or even weeks and keep the cost of acommodation and breakfast to a minimum? Look no further! You have just arrived at the right place.

Although you will reside in the middle of the London hustle and bustle, we are located in a quiet back road in trendy East End.

Our German credo "Geborgenheit" means "feeling cared for", because at Wynfrid house you are visiting friends. Friends, you simply have not met yet.

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Our rates vary according to capacities and the time of the year. If you are planning to stay for a longer period or
with a bigger group, we may cut you a deal. Just talk to us!

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Twin room

£74per night

A London trip for two?

Two beds, washbasin, access to our communal washing rooms with showers and the Wynfrid House breakfast.

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£68per night

A little more luxury?

Your room with separate bathroom, water-closet and shower bath and of course the Wynfrid House breakfast!

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Family room

£100per night

More than two aboard?

We have a real big heart for families! Need three, four or five beds? No problem. Washbasin is also included!


Most of our rooms do not have a separate bathroom. We offer you toilets and showers in our bathrooms.

We have furnished every floor with four of our bathrooms (two per gender), where you find your private space to shower, dress your hair, change your clothes and use the toilet.

Every shower cabin also has seperate space for your personal belongings without getting them wet and dress in privacy. Don't worry, you are all by yourself here.

Our baths have just been installed a few years ago and await you sparkling clean every single morning. Almost like at home.


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Dorm room

£26per person & night

For groups up to 24 persons

Our group conditions are negotiable - just give us a call or send an email!

We are the teacher's pet.

With our two large dormitories we do not only provide enough space but also the needed environment for your class or group.

We are very experienced in accommodating teenagers as well as young grown-ups. We are aware of the higher level of safety and supervision young people need - and we have been mastering this challenge day by day - for decades.

We also offer great support to organize excursions and much more.

Because our crew is multi-lingual, no English beginner will be left behind.

  • Dorms for up to 28 persons.
  • Competent supervision.
  • Safe environment.
  • Organizing trips and excursions.
  • Very fair rates.
  • Breakfast starts at 7:30 a.m.


There are many reasons why you should choose us. Here are only some of them.


Many of you already know it, some will face the experience very soon: When it comes to breakfast,
there are different standards in England than in our German homeland.

In England, "breakfast" is often regarded as "some toast" and may be two kinds of jam to choose from - not really a kicker. To foster our German heritage, we serve a "real breakfast" which can honestly be regarded as a meal. That is why you will find fresh fruit, cereals, sausage, cheese and much more. All this does not turn our breakfast buffet into a 5-star luxury treat but we know we are way above average of the poor performances many London tourists are "surprised" with. Even the smell of a freshly brewed coffee will make you feel a little bit more at home...


Here is what you need to know before you book your stay.

Do you offer gluten free breakfast?
Yes, if you tell us before your arrival, we will gladly arrange this for you.
I need to print something - can you help?
Of course. Many people have to print out their boarding passes before they travel back home. Just ask one of our supervising managers at the reception.
What is your cancellation policy?
Our view on cancellation is fair and simple:

- Up to 21 days prior to arrival is free of charge.
- From 21 up to 7 days prior to arrival we have to charge you 10%.
- From 7 days to 1 day prior to arrival we have to charge 1 entire day.
- If you leave Wynfrid House earlier than you booked, we have to charge you 100% because we are unable to rent out the room to someone else.
I need to call home - please?
As long as you do not call your old friend's mobile phone in Kenya or president Obama's secret line - go ahead! You can have a call to most landlines in many countries - for free, of course.
I am arriving after 10:30 pm. Is this possible?
That is no problem either. Please be aware that one of our helpers will be staying awake for you. This requires an extra charge of 12 pounds for their extra service. It's a regulation - and you are supporting a young volunteer in his best years - what expense could make anyone happier?
Do you accept Maestro or major credit cards?
The direct debit "MaestroCard" (formerly "ec-card" in some countries) is known throughout the EU and always welcome.

Major credit cards "VISA" and "MasterCard" are also accepted. We are not able to process Diners Club, American Express and other non-major cards. Sorry!
May I exchange my currency into pounds at the reception?
No, sorry. For safety reasons, we are keeping the amount of cash as small as possible. But we can always recommend some currency exchange bureau to you which will not rip you off.
I have this cute cat/dog/mouse/racoon - can he come?
Hmmm. No. Sorry. Not possible. We like animals, really. But we definitely cannot allow that at Wynfrid House...
How does checkout work?
On the morning of your departure, we kindly ask you to empty your room until 9:15 am, right after breakfast. As a nice gesture, you would help if you would strip your bed and leave the linen for pick-up. As an extra treat, you may leave your bags safely stored at Wynfrid House until 10 pm at night - so you can enjoy your entire last day in London without your luggage - at no extra cost.
May I borrow a hair-dryer?
Of course. No problem!
The English have funny power sockets. What do I need to buy?
That depends. All of our rooms are furnished with "European sockets" as well as the standard British. Our reception carries some adaptors which you may borrow.
I need to weigh myself - or my suitcase. Any ideas?
We are familiar with that problem: A few grams too much and some cheap airlines freak out: Well, not to worry! We have a good scale ready to help you check if it's light enough.
I really need lactose free milk - can this be done?
All right. Just let us know before you arrive at Wynfrid House and everything will be set before you are here.
When do I have to leave the room when I check out?
You can have your breakfast in the morning unhurriedly. Then you have sufficient time to pack your things until 9:15. If you are leaving London later in the day, we offer to store your luggage free of charge. Please see to it that you fetch it before 10 p.m.
I wrinkled some shirts in my suitcase. You carry a flat iron?
Of course, we can lend you an iron and a fitting ironing board.
May I prepare my own food at your house?
Rather not. Our kitchen is designed to serve a really great "bed & breakfast", no question. Sometimes we also use it to prepare some events within our parish where we have coffee or a nice barbecue. But we are not able to share our kitchen.

Just imagine you would come to a restaurant and ask "May I please grill my own steak - I know best how I like it!". Sounds strange, right?

Still, there is a chance that someone from the team will do you a favour as a rare exeption. Let us just talk about that beforehand.
Do I have to bring my own towels?
Of course you will find fresh towels in your room. Only if you are arriving with your travel group or your school class or you stay in our dormitory, you should bring your own towels with you.
May I park my car at Wynfrid House?
Yes. Fortunately, Wynfrid house is just a few metres outside London's "Congestion Charge zone", which is a ring around London where you have to pay to use the streets. You may drive to Wynfrid House without any fee!

We are able to offer you a secure parking space for five pounds per day.
How large may our group be?
We are able to accommodate groups up to 80 persons maximum.
To which account do I transfer my deposit?
Thanks! That will not be necessary. We would like to process your payment once you arrived in our hostel safe and sound. There is no need to pay in advance unless you are a long term guest or its a group!


Wow! Right in the middle of London. The Underground, Buses, Sights, Tower Bridge - everything is only a few steps or stops away!



We are part of the German speaking Catholic parish "St. Boniface" in London. Wynfrid House is our guest house, open to everyone, regardless of their faith or nationality.

If you want to exercise your faith with us, you will find your (or our) church right next door. If you are not a religious person, you are just as welcome.

Because we are connected to Germany, you will often meet young German team members, who are helping us as volunteers to make things run smoothly here.

Most of all, we are a handful of nice people who are gladly looking forward to give you an unforgettable time here in London.


We are almost in front of your door. See how easy you get to us by airplane or train.


General Manager Anthony Perera has all the answers - in English! Please also check our "frequently asked questions".

    OR CALL +44 790 085 6024